The Titay's Story

The year was 1907.

People far and wide came to a northern town called Liloan to look for a nameless cookie that was baked by a young woman, Margarita Frasco or Titay to those who stopped by her store for a snack. A couple of biscuits for every bottle of soda. Soon, everyone wanted to have a taste of this divine treat. With flour, eggs, shortening, and her secret recipe, Titay made golden brown biscuits shaped like rosca (ringlets). And she baked dozens and dozens in her hudnohan (clay oven). Until one day, the provincial governor, hearing about the famous biscuit, dropped by in town. But when he asked about the name of the goodie, Titay was without words. It was then the governor had a novel idea. He wore a crunchy, ringlet-shaped cookie on his finger and said, "rosquillos."

Today, more than a century later, Titay's oven has never stopped producing quality homebaked goodies using artisan methods and with Lola Titay's well-guarded recipe. Their products now include torta, penato, ensaimada, pastries, and assorted breads. In 2007, Titay's marked its 100th anniversary. Rosquillos has become the common name for the cookie favorite for pasalubong and anytime treat. But it was Mama Titay who gave the world the first rosquillos.

Mama Azon

Corazon "Azon" Frasco knew that in every piece of rosquillos, was Mama Titay's promise of quality homebaked goodness. The wife of the next generation of Frascos who managed Titay's, Mama Azon brought rosquillos closer to the Cebuanos as she began distributing their products to supermarkets and malls. Soon, Titay's Rosquillos became the byword for Cebuano delicacy. Mama Azon made Mama Titay's heritage live on and become known worldwide.


Philippine Foundation, Inc. PERLAS AWARDS 1998 Valuable Entrepreneurship and Family Home Industry

Grand Chamber Century Awards 2000 Hall of Famer, Outstanding Institution for Pioneering and Sustaining Growth of Trade and Tourism in Cebu

National Shopper's Choice Annual Award 2005 No.1 Rosquillos in Metro Cebu

International Culinary Congress 2005 Margarita "Titay" Frasco as one of the Culinary ICONS of Cebu

Philippine Marketing Excellence Award 2005 Most Outstanding Rosquillos in Metro Cebu

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